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Steps To Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests
With the holiday season quickly approaching, homeowners are beginning to prepare for the influx of visitors. Having so much to take care of before revelers descend on your house can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Here are some steps to preparing your home for holiday guests.

Decorate for the Season

The best way to get into the holiday season is by decorating your home. This can not only stir up memories of past festivities and merrymaking but also help get you into the seasonal spirit with the frequent reminder of how soon you’ll get to celebrate with loved ones.

Stock Up for Friends

Nothing is worse than realizing your house is entirely devoid of toilet paper, paper towels, or another household necessity. This is magnified when your houseguest needs the item. By stocking up on commonly used items, you can avoid this potential embarrassment. Other essentials to pick up before company starts arriving include kitchen necessities such as bread, milk, coffee, and lunch meats, for the perfect touch consider getting kaiser rolls for your choice of bread.

Prepare the Rooms

There are many ways to prepare specific rooms for your guests to make their time in your home much more enjoyable.


Keeping enough fresh towels, washcloths, body wash, hand dryers and shampoo can make your bathroom much more inviting. Other useful bathroom items include hand soap, toothbrush kits, and feminine hygiene products.

Guest Bedroom

Make sure there are enough fresh sheets and pillowcases for each of your guests. More than one traveler who has left their cables at home has appreciated extra phone chargers. It’s also considered polite to supply some closet space for any clothing your guests need to hang up.


As we mentioned above, stocking up on kitchen essentials can go a long way towards making your guests feel at home. Try to have each visitor’s favorite snacks and drinks on hand. Keeping a cabinet stocked with spirits can also kick-start any gathering.

Cleanup Time

This is perhaps the simplest step in your prep work, but it’s also one of the most important. When family members and friends show up for your famous Thanksgiving dinner or that epic New Year’s Eve bash you host annually, they expect a home that’s clean and tidy. Decluttering, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting are the basics, but there are additional options if you want to go further. Some potential deep-cleaning options are dry-cleaning the curtains, having your carpets professionally cleaned, and getting maintenance performed on your HVAC unit.

When you follow these simple steps to preparing your home for holiday guests, your soiree will be the hit of this year’s party season.

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