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Every treatment is specifically designed  and customized to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences and our signature technique called Trigger Point Massage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cure pain naturally and get people finally begin to understand through the massage the role of the muscles, referred pain, and trigger points. Thousands of people have been already helped and thousands of dollars saved in unnecessary treatments and medications.

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Leyla, a certified Trigger Point Massage expert opened her first location of Health in Hands Spa in Hoboken NJ, which made Trigger point therapy very popular. The success of this location encourages her to open more locations in different cities and help many people get rid of their chronic pain.

Trigger Point Massage

Health In Hands is a day spa in Hoboken, which provides variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatment such as massages.

It is different from most spa salons in that it offers a unique massage technique called Trigger Point Therapy. This kind of massage is the most effective treatment for a wide variety of pain problems, including muscle soreness/tightness, fibromyalgia, sciatica painplantar fasciitis, shin splintsmigrainescomputer shoulders, chronic pain in joints such as stiff neck and backrotator cuff injuries and/or immobility

This therapy is great for expecting mothers as well as professional athletes.

Meet Our

Trigger Point Experts

Your health is in reliable hands

Trigger Point Massage Expert


Pamela is a licensed massage therapist with 10 years of experience. She is very sweet and caring person. She will make sure to make you feel comfortable so you can enjoy your experience with us.

Trigger Point Massage Expert


Jennifer is a remarkable massage therapist and specializes in Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Sports, and Deep Tissue Massages. She combines therapeutic and relaxation approaches, depending on each needs. 

Trigger Point Massage Expert


Erica is a licensed massage therapist with 10 years of experience. She’s been massaging ever since she was little, since her family is in the massage industry as well. Erica is very enthusiastic, fun to talk to and very caring person.

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