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4 Great Ways To Improve Retention in a Med Spa
Medical spas see a new wave of faces on a daily basis. But the one thing that guarantees long-term success and revenues is patient retention and a strong community reputation. Finding ways to improve retention in a med spa is easy with the help of technology and patient-friendly efforts, and we explore these below.

Maintain Patient-Friendly Operating Hours

Running a business during standard business hours is common, as this allows staff and owners to maintain a healthy personal life. But if the majority of your patients visit the spa during specific timeframes or you notice dips in appointments on certain days, consider adjusting the operating hours to meet this demand. This may help you reduce operating costs on low-traffic days and improve the level of service offered when you’re open.

Remember that you’re in charge of these parameters, and you can adjust the hours as they serve your clients and staff best, even if it means closing on a Monday or closing early on a Wednesday. You decide.

Increase Patient Communication Efforts

A lot of businesses overlook additional communication efforts to avoid chasing customers off. Some clients prefer for you to leave them alone until they need you, and that’s OK. When creating a patient file, consider asking them the type of communication they prefer and if you can increase in-between appointment communication.

Things like treatment check-ins, appointment reminders, and service notifications can increase the communication between the patient and the med spa and encourage them to return. For every client who prefers no communication, there might be two who enjoy it.

Improve Your Patient Technology

Investing in new technology and services is a hefty expense and requires careful consideration. But it might be time to improve your services if you notice a dip in appointments or a lack of interest.

There are a variety of must-have body-shaping treatments to consider, from EMS for recovery modalities to cryotherapy to cavitation stimulation. Each one serves a distinct purpose, so consider doing market research to see what your clients would enjoy the most.

Implement a Schedule-Ahead System

Some med spas wait for clients to schedule their appointments based on need, but you can improve your overall retention by implementing a schedule-ahead system. Whether it’s for a follow-up appointment, repeat procedure, or a different service altogether, scout the client’s needs during their service and book their next appointment before they walk out of your door.

Improving retention and optimizing patient services is the best way to have long-term med spa success. Good luck as you shift the focus of your business for the better!

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