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The Best 4 Scents To Use for Aromatherapy
An ideal spa session and space curate a sensorial experience that relaxes, soothes, and heals. Aromatherapy enhances spa-like atmospheres by providing an aroma that stimulates different beneficial reactions and appeases the nose. Scent is one of the most powerful senses with the ability to alter your mood and mindset, bring back memories, and transform atmospheres. Check out the best four scents to use for aromatherapy that can improve your spa ambiance.

Soothing Lavender

Lavender reigns as the most popular aromatherapy scent and oil. The floral scent consists of linalool, which reacts with neurotransmitters and the production of serotonin. Lavender aromas soothe, calm, and relax people, making it the perfect scent for a spa-like atmosphere and space.

Refreshing Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a cleansing scent. The leafy green’s cool, minty, and medicinal aroma clears congestion with its anti-inflammatory properties, making it easier to breathe and boosting blood circulation. On top of cleansing your respiratory system, eucalyptus also refreshes a space, overpowering foul odors with its strong minty aroma and antioxidant qualities that neutralize free radicals in foul odors.

Pro Tip

Spritzing a eucalyptus spray onto curtains and towels is one of the many ways to use a natural home mist to cleanse and freshen up surfaces and spaces.

Homey Cedarwood

Cedarwood is an earthy scent. When you breathe in cedarwood, you get transported to the great outdoors, bringing you closer to nature and grounding your thoughts. Cedarwood aromatherapy curates a relaxing and cozy ambiance, allowing people to unwind and feel more at ease.

Reenergizing Frankincense

Like eucalyptus, frankincense possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It clears airways and helps people breathe more easily. On top of providing respiratory support, frankincense is also commonly known to stimulate cognitive responses, sharpening the mind and concentration. This citrusy, woodsy, and sweet aroma reenergizes—one of the many reasons people seek out a spa day—making it a great form of aromatherapy.

Enhance the spa experience with the best stimulating aromatherapy scents that rejuvenate, relax, and refresh. No matter how you implement aroma into your space or session, adding some sensorial ambiance is an essential component of a relaxing and enticing spa.

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