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Practical Items To Use for Anxiety Reduction
Having a random wave of anxiety hit you is the worst. Some quick fixes you can employ include listening to frequencies, using a weighted blanket, and having aromatherapy oil on your person. These tips and tricks will have you handling your feelings like a pro in no time.

The Right Blanket

A practical item to use for anxiety reduction is a blanket. You can wrap yourself up or weigh yourself down in moments you require safety. Whether you’re sleeping at night or snuggling up during the day, the blanket you use matters. Choosing the right blanket is a matter of knowing your favorite material and the amount of fluff you desire.

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils are incredible tools for aiding in anxiety reduction. You don’t have to have an aromatherapy diffuser to participate, although that’s great, too. To use the oils, you can create a spray of oil mixed with water or apply small dabs to your thermal zones.

Different Breathing Methods

When you’re anxious and unsure about what to do next, try to take the deepest breath possible. Be sure you’re breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. If your deep breathing doesn’t work, move on to Sitali breathing or rapid belly breathing. For Sitali breathing, you inhale through your nose for four seconds and out through your curled, U-shaped tongue for four seconds. With rapid belly breathing, you take as many breaths in as you possibly can, letting them build onto one another before releasing all the built-up energy with a long exhale.

These breathing methods are effortless to do without interruption to your tasks and practical items to use for anxiety reduction, especially in public when you feel yourself starting to become tense.

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is a great stress-reliever. Adult coloring books are great for people who deal with anxiety and want to distract themselves. They allow you to release your inner child and relax at the same time. There’s a versatile array of books with different themes out there.


Journaling is another excellent way to let it all out. Sometimes you might be anxious about everything on your mind and feel you have nowhere to turn. When journaling, you can free-write as a release or write from a prompt. If the thought of journaling makes you anxious because you don’t want people to find and read your journal entries, you can rip them up or put them in a lockbox.


If you’re a music-lover, a quick fix to reducing your anxiety might be turning on some tunes. We recommend listening not to your regular playlist but to frequencies. They’ll mellow you out swiftly and aid in reprogramming your thoughts and emotions.

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