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Tips To Create an Allergy-Free Home
Some allergies are a constant struggle, no matter the season. We’ve got some tips to create an allergy-free home all year long. Let’s look at what common home allergens are and how to prevent them.

The only way to rid your home of allergens is to understand what causes your allergies in the first place. Many common allergen producers that you’ll find in homes include pet dander, dust, mold, and pollen that sneaks in through the windows. Thankfully, with a little effort, you can control these allergens in your house.

Pet Dander

We’ll never suggest that you get rid of Fido; instead, keep your furry friends well-groomed, so they shed less. Vacuum or sweep daily and get rid of wall-to-wall carpet since carpet holds and hides pet dander. Wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring keeps pet hair visible, making it easier to sweep up.

Avoid furry pets, if possible; however, if you have already found the love of your life (aka Fido), simply install the right flooring. Then, keep up with the sweeping and grooming to get rid of as much dander as possible. And, much to your pets’ dismay, no pets are allowed in bedrooms. Keep those doors closed so you have one area to escape to for rest and a reprieve from pet dander.


As if dust wasn’t annoying enough, it’s also a horrible allergen. We can’t avoid dust since everything produces it, including ourselves. So, we must fight back.

Talk with your HVAC person about using the best dust-controlling filter. Unfortunately, while tedious, occasional dusting is necessary. So, add it to your schedule a couple of times a month. Just as with pet dander, get rid of the carpet if possible as it holds onto dust.


We don’t like to think about it, but mold can grow in our house. If someone in your home suffers from serious allergies, you should have a thorough mold inspection done. They’ll check for unseen moisture, where mold loves to grow.

Inspect your AC unit and if you find any visible mold, give it a good cleaning. The longer it sits, the worse the mold can get, and you may begin to notice a musty smell in your home. Turn off the unit and check it thoroughly.

Close the Windows

We understand that the fresh air is appealing now that the warm weather has arrived; however, with fresh air comes fresh pollen. If you don’t keep windows and doors closed, you’re inviting the pollen to come in and have a seat.

In conclusion, close the windows, take good care of your pets, avoid wall-to-wall carpet, and no dust or mold allowed. Follow these tips to create an allergy-free home, and you’ll have an enjoyable summer full of less sneezing and more smiles.

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