How Cleaning Your Bedroom Helps You Sleep
If any part of your home should be the center of rejuvenating rest, it should be your bedroom. But all too often, we find ourselves lying in bed unable to sleep or decompress. This could be because of stress, health issues, or clinical sleep problems, but the issue often stems from the fact that our rooms are dirty and chaotic. This is how cleaning your bedroom helps you sleep.

Clutter Produces Stress

Our minds tend to feel more at rest in ordered environments and more ill-at-ease in chaotic ones. Along that line of thought, cluttered living spaces tend to make us feel more stressed, and they can even spur on symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Decluttering and organizing the space makes us less stressed, making it easier to fall asleep at night.

Cleaning Cleans the Air

Coughing due to allergies has woken up many people. Sometimes this is inevitable, but you can do your part to reduce allergens in your bedroom. Sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting will keep the air clear and your sleep undisturbed. Even if you don’t have allergies to dust, cleaner air promotes healthier breathing, which in turn promotes healthier sleep.

Better Smell—Better Sleep

Some scents, such as lavender, jasmine, and chamomile, put you in a state of relaxation. Similarly, other scents can work against relaxation and sleep. Naturally, unpleasant smells make it difficult to relax, but even smells that aren’t necessarily unpleasant but that are still distinctive can make it difficult to fall asleep. For instance, cooked food that might be left on a plate you haven’t put away may keep you up.

The Benefits of Clean Sheets

Anyone who has ever fallen asleep on sheets that have just been washed cannot argue they aren’t more comfortable. On top of this, dirty sheets accumulate dead skin, body sweat, dirt, germs, and dust mites, none of which are conducive to a good night’s sleep. In a sense, unmade beds and unwashed linens work against all the other points we’ve made—they contribute to clutter, dirt, and a poor smell. Simply having worn-out sheets can also have this effect, so if they aren’t comfortable after you wash them, you may have to decide if it’s time to replace them. Contacting Lioce’s Pressure Washing commercial pressure washing in Fort Myers is a good idea as this is faster and more effective.

Cleaning your bedroom not only helps you sleep better, but also promotes overall rest, which promotes good physical, emotional, and mental health. Overall wellness is easily within grasp. All it takes is a little cleanliness.

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