How To Properly Hold a Wax Stick for Even Application
When you watch videos, wax artists make wax application look easy. Whether people are waxing themselves or a friend at home or showing professional work in a salon, the wax seems to effortlessly glide over the skin and come off just as easily. However, many of those people have lots of practice, and evenly applying wax is much harder than it looks. If you want to learn how to apply wax evenly so that you can work better in your salon or take care of hair removal at home, we can help. Keep reading to learn how to properly hold a wax stick for even application.

Grip With Your Fingertips

The first part of properly holding a wax stick is the grip. Gripping the stick in a closed hand is too tight and will limit your dexterity during application. This can leave some areas of wax too thick and others too thin, making it difficult to smoothly remove the wax once it has hardened. Instead, hold on to the stick with two or three fingertips. Working with the tips of your fingers allows you to move your hand and wrist more freely, which means you can apply the wax better. Make sure your grip is still firm to avoid dropping the stick.

Hold at an Angle

Hair removal always works best at an angle. If you’re using a razor to shave, you often hold it at an angle against your skin. The same principle applies to waxing. Holding a wax stick parallel to the skin during application can create inconsistencies and leave the edges too thin, causing them to break when you try to remove the wax. This often means you must apply a cleanup layer of more wax on top of the thin wax left behind, which can irritate skin. Hold your wax stick at a 45-degree angle against your skin during application to avoid this problem.

Apply Pressure

Don’t just let the wax drip off the edge of the stick onto skin. Apply even, consistent pressure as you move the wax stick over the skin. This creates an even wax application, which will help prevent your hard wax from breaking and tearing when you try to remove it. Too much pressure can leave the wax too thin, though, so make sure you never submerge the stick in wax as you apply it. The stick should stay on the surface of the wax during application.

Properly holding a wax stick for even application allows the wax to go on and come off easily. The easier the waxing process is, the better—for you and whoever you’re waxing. If you’re nervous about holding your wax stick wrong, just practice. Practice makes perfect, after all.

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