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The 3 Simplest Ways Charities Generate Income
If you head up your charity’s outreach, it’s tempting to go down the rabbit hole of ever-narrowing and complex fundraising. While it’s true refined social media campaigns and strategic corporate relationships are two of several modern tools that help, start with the basics first. To help, here are the simplest ways charities generate income.

Initiating an Email Campaign

First off, an email campaign is very low cost and straightforward. The most valuable piece to the puzzle is receiving an email address from the potential donor. You can obtain these (always with their consent, of course) by collecting volunteers’ info. Otherwise, creating clear avenues through social media and your website to sign up for newsletters and emails is the way to go.

When you have a pool of recipients, you should follow several keys to a successful fundraising email if you want a high yield. That means combining narratives and data as well as targeting discrete groups with different emails. Given the little time and effort it takes to craft these messages relative to other outreach methods, you’re sure to see a net gain here.

Following Up With Past Donors and Volunteers

Another simple way charities generate income is by touching base with past partners. It’s a well-known fact in the nonprofit world that it’s far easier to retain someone who knows you than to acquire a new donor to replace them. One of the reasons why is how easy it is to spark another gift.

Modern text campaigns are even simpler than email alternatives in this case. With proper software in place, all you do is write a succinct message about your present need and send it. When you send it to people you already know have an intrinsic investment in your work, they may readily give.

Winning Grants

Though this one is not quite so simple, it’s much easier to undertake than many think. Approaching a foundation for a grant is intimidating, but it’s just a matter of talking about what your organization is passionate about in a different way.

If you can boost the professionalism of your tone without losing the heart of your message, you’re on the right track. Including data to back up your claims and researching what foundations care about is a natural next step. Send out a significant number of unique grant applications—don’t stop at a handful. When you finally corral a foundation, they become a really helpful, stable partner for the future.

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