Tips for Designing a Relaxing Home Office
Designing a relaxing home office is essential to having a positive work-from-home experience. A soothing space can work wonders for minimizing the stress of the job and soothing the sting of vitriol from rude coworkers. Here are a few excellent tips for creating the perfect space of your own.

Create a Designated Space

While it can be nice to work from your couch or kitchen table, these locations can make the already shaky separation between your work and home life even blurrier. Instead, choose a quiet location, such as a spare bedroom.

While you can add decor items, it’s best to avoid excess clutter, as this can contribute to stress and disordered thinking. Choose a few items that you find aesthetically pleasing or helpful to place on your desk, but keep the files in your desk drawer.

Soothe Your Senses

Sensory factors can make a significant difference in your overall stress level. Instead of harsh, intense light, choose a soft, warmer light. For example, a desk lamp can provide focused task lighting. Natural light can also improve your mood and mental clarity, so let as much of it into the room as possible.

Soothing background noise, such as classical music or ambient noise, can help you focus and relax if you find silence stressful. A white noise machine can also be an excellent option.

Other Relaxing Elements for Your Home Office

Another way to design a relaxing home office is to add small, soothing details. Burning incense or candles in soothing scents can help. Adding plants to the room will help freshen up the air and provide a bit of green to the space.

Cozy blankets or plush high-pile rugs can add an element of comfortability. It’s best to decide whether high- and low-pile rugs will work for you before choosing one for your office.

With these great tips, designing a relaxing home office will be as easy as breathing. Once you create the perfect space, check out these fun ways to increase your productivity while working from home.

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