Ways to Connect to Nature at Home
Feeling connected with nature comes with a slew of health and happiness benefits. When a person feels engaged with the environment around them, they typically feel happier and more in touch with themselves. With the world in the state it is in, getting outside and experiencing the world is rather unrealistic for now, so check out these ways to connect to nature at home.

Spend time in your outdoor space

When you need to get reconnected with nature, but you are stuck at home, the best way to do this is to utilize your outdoor space. If you have a backyard, get out there, set up a chair and simply sit and take in the nature around you. If you’re in an area where outdoor space is limited to a balcony or even a big window, open up all your windows to let the air in. Look around and identify the plants and trees that surround you while trying to smell each individual smell in the air such as freshly cut grass, flowers, plants, and any nearby water source. Even just a few moments of simple thoughts about the outdoor space are beneficial to reconnecting you to nature.

Bring nature inside

Another sure way to connect more with nature is by bringing nature inside. Invest in plenty of plants – real ones – and make sure you have a few in every room. It’s especially beneficial to invest in air purifying plants such as aloes. It’s important to constantly be looking for new ways to bring natural elements into your home, whether it be by the furniture you choose or even the color scheme of your rooms. Investing into the inside appearance of your home can be crucial to making your environment feel more natural and can help you stay connected to the outdoors.

Spend time decompressing

Spending time by yourself and simply not thinking about any of the stressors in your life can be one very beneficial way of connecting to nature at home. Although this one has little to do with outdoor nature and more to do with your own nature, all of these things work together. Take some time each day and sit in the room in your living space that has the most windows or natural lighting. Open all the windows, simply sit and take in the smells of the outdoors, think about the positive parts of your environment, and focus on letting stressors go.

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