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Different Nail Art Design Techniques
Decorating your fingernails is an enjoyable activity to do when you get a creative itch at home. With practice and the right supplies, you can make beautiful patterns and images based on whatever intrigues you. They’ll also be all the more impressive because of the precision it takes to work on such small canvases. Since most people pair nail art with manicures, this hobby can also act as an effective stress reliever as you take a break from responsibilities and rejuvenate your mental well-being. Enter into the world of nail art by exploring these different nail art design techniques today.

Painting With Brushes

The most common technique of creating nail art is to paint your nails directly with a brush. To make attractive patterns, you rely on only your own technical skill and accuracy. You can find brushes in various shapes to attain diverse line thicknesses or better suit certain designs. Strengthening your painting ability will help you touch up designs you produce with the other nail art methods as well, so it is an important foundation for the hobby.


As you might guess, sponging involves applying nail polish to a sponge and pressing it down onto the fingernails. It is specifically advantageous when you want to achieve a color gradient effect on your nails where the varying hues meld into one another. To do this, you would put two or more different colors of polish next to each other on the sponge and dab this onto the nail. Wait for it to dry and repeat until the colors are vibrant.


Stamping is one of the more complicated methods out of the different nail art design techniques. You must first acquire a stamping plate with the premade designs you want. Then you coat a design on the plate with nail polish and wipe it with a scraper so that the polish remains only within the lines of the design. Next, you take a stamp, which has a squishy end, and press it on the plate to pick up the polish. Press the stamp onto your fingernail to finish off, transferring the image onto it cleanly. When stamping, make sure that the nail polish you use does not require more than one coat.

Using Dip Powder

Using dip powder is technically a form of faux nail manicure that will give your nails a chic base look. However, you can also consider this a technique for doing nail art because you can easily create ombre nails with dip powder. Basically, you add two forms of bonding agents and dip your nails in a colored powder that will stick onto them. You then repeat this process with the secondary color that you want to cover your nail tips with. Dip powder–manicured nails also provide as appropriate a canvas as regular fingernails, should you want to paint or stamp over them. They’ll give designs an added layer of brilliant depth that’ll stand out from ordinary manicures.

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