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Why Health Awareness Days Are Important
There are nearly 200 awareness days in a calendar year. Each month contains days, weeks, and sometimes the whole month dedicated to a cause. From widely known awareness months like Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October to lesser-known awareness days such as Color Blind Awareness Day in September, these awareness days are extremely important to their causes.

Why Health Awareness Days Are Important

Health awareness days are vitally important to raise awareness, as their name suggests. They also help to raise funds and build support and a sense of community for those suffering from the specific health issue.

Raising Awareness and Exposure

First and foremost, awareness days exist to build awareness. Those who don’t suffer from that specific health condition most likely don’t give much thought to it regularly, while those who do must deal with it every day. There are innumerable diseases and conditions that most people haven’t even heard of or don’t understand enough to recognize symptoms or empathize with those who struggle with them. Awareness days bring light to these conditions by providing education and a platform for survivors to tell their stories.


Many awareness days align with a fundraising campaign, such as a 5K walk or a social media challenge. These efforts further encourage education and awareness through fundraiser advertising and social media campaigns, but they also work to raise funds for research and relief for those suffering from the health condition.

Building Support and Community

Health awareness days and the education and fundraising associated with them build a foundation of support for people suffering from health conditions. These days also build a greater sense of community for those living with the same condition by creating a platform for them to come together and align themselves with every year.

Health awareness days are important for several reasons including raising awareness, gaining exposure, providing fundraising opportunities, and building support and a sense of community.

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