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Hydrated vs. Moisturized Skin: What’s the Difference?
When you browse through skincare products, the different types of moisturizers, oils, serums, and lotions to choose from are overwhelming. Many solutions include vitamins and minerals that replenish your pores, while others promise to hydrate your skin for a healthier glow.

Since so many oils, serums, and lotions exist, many people don’t realize that not all skincare products will actually moisturize the skin. This confusion stems from the fact that many people don’t know that skin hydration and moisturization aren’t the same.

What’s the difference between hydrated vs. moisturized skin? Learn the answer by checking out our article below.

Skin Hydration

Let’s start by defining skin hydration. Hydration refers to the skin’s ability to absorb natural moisture. When your skin cells can naturally absorb moisture from the air, your pores can better absorb nutrients from moisturizing creams. If your skin is not dry but still appears dull or discolored, this is a common sign that your skin needs additional hydration.

The best way to combat dehydrated skin is to drink more water and use water-based serums to improve your skin’s water absorption rate.

Moisturized Skin

Now that we’ve defined hydrated skin, we’ll examine what makes moisturized skin different. When you moisturize your skin, you actively lock in moisture to help your pores prevent water loss. That’s why moisturizer is one of the most critical skincare essentials. Without moisture locked in your skin, your pores will lose water more rapidly, leading to dry, peeling, and itchy skin.

Prevent dry and damaged skin by applying oil, cream, and lotion-based moisturizers to your skin. Using water-based serums won’t improve your skin’s dryness.

What Are the Main Differences?

Think about it this way—oil doesn’t mix with water. When it comes to skincare, hydration refers to your skin cells’ water content, whereas moisture refers to your skin’s oil. Both are necessary for your skin health because they balance each other.

Your pores produce natural oils that need ample hydration to keep moisture locked in. If you’ve been treating your skin’s moisture and hydration as the same issue, now is the time to take a new approach with your skincare.

Don’t let your skin lose its natural glow. Instead, review our guide on hydrated vs. moisturized skin, learn what the difference is between these two conditions, and achieve healthier radiant skin.

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