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Minimalist Tips for Decluttering Your Life
How many things are you currently holding onto for no good reason? You’re not alone if your answer seems high; it seems like our homes keep getting more cluttered with each passing day. A cluttered home often leads to a cluttered and stressed-out mind. The concept of minimalism tries to challenge this behavior that has become normal in our society. To help keep your mind clear and focused, we’ve come up with a few minimalist tips for decluttering your life.

Have a Clear Vision of Your End Goal

One of the common decluttering mistakes that people make is not really knowing what they’re working towards. Without a goal in mind, you’ll just end up moving junk from one place to another without making any real progress. You’ll want to visualize your ideal living space before you begin, so you can keep it in mind when deciding what goes and what stays.

Have a Space for “Temporary” Items

It’s understandable if you’re attached to your possessions, but when you’re trying to declutter you can’t afford to hang onto everything. One useful minimalism tip for decluttering your life is to have a separate box or tote for everything that you are still unsure about keeping. This way, you can designate one day a week for going through that box and deciding exactly what you want to keep and get rid of.

Create a Recycling Plan

You want to be careful that your decluttering doesn’t end up doing any damage. That’s why it’s crucial that you have plans for what you will do with your items you are getting rid of. There are a number of options to consider, including:

  • Giving them away to friends and family
  • Selling them online for extra cash
  • Making donations to charitable organizations
  • Repurposing them for other uses

Don’t just assume that trashing everything is the right choice. There are plenty of ways that your clutter can be someone else’s treasure.

Increase Your Storage Capacity

You obviously won’t be able to get rid of everything. For all the things you keep, you’ll want to create space for them that’s out of the way so they don’t clutter up the living space. That’s where extra storage comes in. There are a ton of furniture options that come with built-in storage solutions, and you can even build more storage using vertical space in your rooms.

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