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Skin Deep: Natural Ways To Achieve Healthy Skin
When we use expressions like “beauty is only skin deep,” it makes our skin seem shallow or unimportant. But our skin is the largest organ in our body, responsible for keeping toxins out and regulating our body temperature. Besides that, healthy, glowing skin simply makes us feel better. If you want to feel comfortable in your own body, try these natural ways to achieve healthy skin.

Create a Skin Care Routine

Healthy skin starts with your skin care routine. This isn’t the once-a-year spa treatment, but the work you do daily to keep your skin healthy. At its most basic, a skincare routine should include at least two steps: cleansing and moisturizing.


In the U.S., most people shower daily, but not everyone washes their face daily. And since sweat, dust, and other environmental debris comes into contact with our faces, we must cleanse our faces every day.


Even those who do remember to wash their face may not think to moisturize. But moisturizing is more than something we do when we put on makeup. Helping our skin cells retain moisture helps keep them healthy, protecting them from irritation and other skin conditions.

Incorporate Natural Ingredients

Don’t use bad cleansers and moisturizers. Many store-bought products contain chemicals that can irritate skin or even cause allergic reactions. Consider using natural ingredients, such as:

  • Coconut oil
  • Raw honey
  • Rose water
  • Sea salt
  • Apple cider vinegar

Essential oils can also offer your skin multiple health benefits. However, low-quality oils may have the same pitfalls as store-bought skin care products. Buy high-quality oils or invest in extraction equipment and make your own oils.

Reexamine Your Diet

When we think of natural ways to make our skin healthier, we tend to think of things we can put on our skin. But by adding skin-friendly foods to our diet, we can improve our skin’s health. For example, try eating more:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Soy
  • Fish
  • Dark chocolate

Additionally, making sure you drink enough water will help improve your skin’s elasticity. This will help protect your skin from both wrinkles and scars for smoother, healthier skin.

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