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The Top Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do
We all like to think we’re great drivers, but there are likely a few people you’ve encountered on the road who would disagree. Similarly, you’ve probably come across some people who think they’re the best driver there is but leave you angry and stressed. Let’s dive into some of the top most annoying things other drivers do that get under your skin.

Not Using Turn Signals

Turn signals are there for a reason. Having to slam on your brakes because the car in front of you failed to use a turn signal is easily one of the most aggravating driving situations. Using a turn signal should be a common act of courtesy on the road—but more importantly, it’s a necessary safety precaution. If you get involved in an accident because of a driver who did not use turn signals, it’s recommended that you contact a car accident lawyer in case the at-fault driver makes any disputes.


Some drivers always seem to want to drive right behind your bumper, no matter how far above the speed limit you’re going. Just like not using a turn signal, dealing with an aggressive tailgater can be dangerous. It forces you to speed up and increases the possibility of an accident if you have to slam on the brakes.

Knowing how to handle a tailgater can be challenging, too. You can slow down and keep your distance from the driver in front of you in case they unexpectedly turn without signaling, but slowing down won’t do much good in the case of an aggressive tailgater.

Talking on the Phone

While talking on the phone and driving is illegal in many states, it certainly doesn’t stop some people from doing it anyway. Watching a car nearby driving erratically can undoubtedly elicit a lot of questions, starting with, “What the heck are they doing up there?” It only becomes that much more aggravating when you see the driver talking on their phone—something that could easily wait until they’re not behind the wheel. This can also be a potential cause of an accident. If you get injured by a distracted driver, there are injury attorneys that you can consult to determine how you can file a claim and make sure your rights are protected.

Angry Honking

Horns aren’t an extension of a driver’s emotions. Your horn should be a tool to signal a hazard or warn other vehicles of your approach. An angry driver using their horn just to show they don’t like your driving is easily one of the top most annoying things other drivers do. Thankfully, if you’re driving safely, all you need to do is ignore disgruntled horn-honkers.

Everyone likely has a driving habit or two that makes other drivers angry. If you tend to do one of these four annoying things on the road, maybe it’s time to think about how they impact the drivers around you. Most of these habits can potentially lead to a vehicular accident. Should you get involved in an accident yourself, protect your rights by having a personal injury lawyer on your side. You may also need the services of a car accident chiropractor to help with your recovery.

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