Ways To Create More Space in Your House
Do you ever find yourself complaining that there’s not enough room in your house? While you may not have any secret rooms or hidden closets, there are still ways you can make room in your home where there may not have been any before. Discover new ways to store your belongings and switch up your design options with these interesting ways to create more space in your house.

Move Furniture or Appliances Around

None of your furniture or kitchen appliances are cemented to the floor of your house—if you can’t figure out how to make more storage in your home, try shifting some furniture. Add counter space by moving your coffee maker, change the direction the recliners face, and try relocating a piece of furniture to a different area of the house.

If you don’t use a piece of furniture regularly, sell or donate it! The item may have a better life in someone else’s house, and you’ll get to use that space for storage or more functional furniture.

Tackle Your Pile of Old Memories

We store most of our memories today on our phones or computers, but the memories we created decades ago sit in boxes hidden in our closets. If you dedicate a lot of space to storing old photographs or home videos, consider giving them new life! Organize your photos in an album or scan them into your phone or computer. Once you have them in digital form, you can store the originals somewhere more out of the way, like a climate-controlled storage unit.

Home videos may be more challenging to deal with—what do you do with home videos on outdated film formats? Whether you have a VCR player or not, digitizing these home videos to preserve the memories can keep the footage safe and accessible for generations to come.

Utilize Vertical Space

Organizing the small stuff in our homes can make more space than you may realize. To hold all your trinkets and smaller decorations, consider installing corner shelves or over-the-door racks. Extra storage is hard to create in a bathroom or kitchen—especially if your home lacks a bathroom closet or under-the-sink storage. Hanging shelves off the bathroom or pantry door is an easy way to create more space in your house without making it look cluttered. If you need more space in your kitchen, you may want to consider starting a kitchen remodeling project to open up the space and add more storage.

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