We’ve got the back of the man in your life who happens to be a father. Why not get a Health In Hands 60-minute massage Father’s Day gift card?

Men need massages, too. They ouch the same way women do. Although, let’s be honest, their “ouch” is multiplied by a million ouches.

Muscle Mania

Whether your ‘hombre’ sits at a desk or man perches on buildings, his muscles are manic. He could totally benefit from either a deep tissue massage or a trigger point massage, where the pressure applied ranges from medium to hard and helps undo those knots and unlock that nestled tension in the trigger points. If he also works out at the gym, he is relieving some stress and muscle ache, but could still benefit from a sports therapy massage, especially if he trains regularly or is training for a sporting event, like a marathon or cross-fit challenge.

Minding The Man Mind

Men don’t get enough credit for being in touch with their emotions and for feeling their feelings. Men really have come a long way, and we need to acknowledge the fact that for too long, men were culturally de-sensitized. The younger generations have changed that in the past 20 or so years, with more work to be done. A massage also massages the mind – calming thoughts and releasing the tension that comes with head-of-household duties. It’s important for men to be mindful of their stressors and their healthy releasors.

Montclair or Hoboken

We’ve got your location this Father’s Day with two choices. Your pick now:  Montclair or Hoboken. And, if you still need some convincing that getting this gift card is actually a great idea, read this MensHealth article about how men are now opting for spa parties with their buddies rather than traditional bachelor parties.

Times are a’changing. For goodizzle.


November 9, 2018

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