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How To Create the Ultimate Unboxing Experience for Customers
When a customer purchases a brand’s product, there is an opportunity for businesses to improve the unboxing experience, or the experience of opening the box to see what is inside. If you own a spa and offer homemade body butter or sugar wax for online customers, providing them with an unforgettable unboxing experience is crucial. This experience should be important to your business because the individual could record their unboxing process and upload the video online. When their reviews are positive, these unboxing videos give your brand free exposure and allow you to stand out from the competition in the minds of new customers. Keep reading to learn more about creating the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers.

Find Fun and Unique Packaging Materials

The packaging materials you use could make or break the experience. Boring filler inserts, air pouches, and kraft paper will not cut it when your goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing package. That said, you’ll want to keep sustainability in mind—if you use a filler material that isn’t environmentally friendly, customers might see your brand as wasteful. Consider using recycled crinkle paper or colorful and biodegradable packing peanuts.

Keep Your Brand in Mind

Brand identity is what customers recognize and associate with your business or products. If your spa’s online store sells custom-made bath bombs, using animal art on the packaging could confuse customers about what’s inside. Keep in mind your brand’s goals, call signs, mission statements, and other aspects that tell your brand’s story. Anything you use, including colors, logos, designs, and more, should encompass the package to create a unique experience for customers they cannot find with any other products.

Include a Note or Business Card

Nothing says personalization more than a handwritten note. If you have the time to write a note to each customer in your packages individually, this step can personalize the unboxing experience. One of the big dos and don’ts of e-commerce packaging is not including a business card with your social media handles on them. Adding this in will encourage customers to connect with you on various social platforms.

Don’t Forget Special Discounts

What do you think would make for an ultimate unboxing experience for customers? Every customer loves an opportunity to save money, and every business appreciates return business. Including discount codes in the customer’s first package appeal’s to the customer’s desire to save and encourages them to purchase more products.

Brand Anything and Everything

Anything you include inside the package should have your business name or logo. Not only will this package stand out more, but it can make a lasting impression on the individual unboxing it. So, any cards, envelopes, bags, you name it, should have your name and logo on them—customers will never forget where the product came from!

Regardless of whether the customer will share their unboxing experience with viewers online by posting a video, you’re still creating something unique and special for them. Use our how-to guide above, and don’t be afraid to mix things up now and then to continue curating new experiences.

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