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Signs Your Heavy Equipment Needs Attention
Industrial equipment and machines are used for rigging services, construction, manufacturing and many more. Heavy machinery failure can be costly and dangerous for the operator, owner, and all surrounding workers. Sometimes, you can tell when your equipment needs service; other times, though, it can seem like a random occurrence. There are some silent signs your machines need maintenance. Check out this guide on the easy to miss signs your heavy equipment needs attention.

You refill the fluids all the time

Most of these machines run on fuel so having a reliable Onsite Diesel Fuel Delivery service is essential. However, when you have to refill the fluids in your machines more often than normal or they seem to drain at incredible rates, these could be signs of a general leak or a sign of imminent engine failure. If it’s a leak, you may need to get in touch with a custom rubber parts manufacturing company to order new Rubber Quad Ring Supply or plugs to stop the leakage. Pay close attention to how often you typically needed to refill fluids when you first acquired the machine and how much that’s changed recently. If you notice a drastic increase in how much fluid is required, alert a mechanic who can look and decide the root of the issue before the engine experiences a total failure.

The machine overheats constantly

If your machine is no longer running as smoothly as it once was, and it is shutting down or stalling due to overheating, these may be signs of equipment failure. Heavy equipment overheating can be a sign of a pump that is about to fail. The pump is the main component of the hydraulic system, which is an essential part of the machine. If you notice overheating, get your machine’s hydraulic pump serviced right away. This small fix can make a huge difference in the life expectancy of your heavy equipment.

There is more exhaust than there should be

A machine giving off more exhaust than normal is a sign of dire issues within your machine’s engine. When you notice an increase in the amount of exhaust your machine is putting out or a change in the smell or color of it, contact a mechanic to inspect the machine. This can be a sign of dangerous engine damage and should be addressed right away to avoid a total failure.

In order to protect your industrial equipment, you may invest in an industrial powder coating service. This will give your equipment an extra layer of protection from extreme weather and chemicals. You should also check if adjustments on the Industrial Washers, screws and other fasteners need to be made. Should you need to transport your heavy equipment to a repair facility, you’ll need to find a heavy equipment transportation company that screens their candidates for the CDL A Company Truck Driver Positions they offer. This way you are assured of their qualifications in handling and transporting such equipment.

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