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Snow Shoveling Tips and Tricks
One of the worst parts about the winter season is trekking out into the cold to shovel the snow off your driveway and sidewalks. Shoveling snow is a bone-chilling and strenuous task no matter what age or fitness level you’re at. Next time your driveway is covered in a white blanket of snow, use these snow shoveling tips and tricks for a safer and more efficient experience.

Warm Your Body Up

This tip isn’t about dressing warm—we’ll get to that later. Shoveling snow is a physically demanding task. Unless you work on a farm or in a construction-heavy job, you likely don’t mimic shoveling snow movements very often. Before getting started, do some light movements and stretch your arms and back to prevent injuries.

Always Push, Don’t Lift

Pushing snow instead of lifting can drastically reduce the strain you put on your body. Instead of trying to lift freshly shoveled snow up and over your driveway, push the snow to the sides.

Choose the Right Shovel

Some shovels have ergonomic designs built for reducing the amount of bending you must do. If your shovel is getting old or uses a traditional design, make a small investment in a new shovel that will help you get the job done quicker with fewer aches and pains.

Think Ahead

The weather can be unpredictable, especially in the winter. A light dusting of snow can quickly turn into six inches. Don’t wait for the snow to stop falling before you tend to your driveway and sidewalks. Sure, you’ll only have to bundle up once, but you’ll have a lot more work to do. Break up the snowfall by shoveling after a few inches and tending to your driveway periodically afterward. It’ll lessen the time you spend outside, and it won’t be as challenging.

Dress Warmly

The colder it is, the more critical it is to stay bundled up. Prepare for the cold by wearing a properly-fitted thermal base layer, a thicker middle layer, and a waterproof jacket and pants. Don’t forget about the smaller details like thick socks, waterproof boots and gloves, either.

Staying safe when shoveling the snow should be your priority. Follow these snow shoveling tips and tricks to keep yourself safe and get the job done easier.

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