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The Best Essential Oils for Sleep and Relaxation

Nothing cures your body and mind like a good night’s sleep. However, every day brings challenges that affect your mood, making it difficult to relax. When you’re stressed and already thinking about tomorrow’s issues, you’ll likely have a disruptive sleep cycle. Therefore, if you learn about the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation, you can finally have a peaceful night.


When you’re having issues with falling asleep, lavender oils act as soporific aids that curtail people’s problems with insomnia. Lavender enriches your health by lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, which is a critical element of getting your body prepared to sleep.


Chamomile is a healing oil that helps the body in a multitude of ways. You might want to try to use chamomile if your body is hurting internally or externally. Research shows that chamomile helps the digestive system with issues such as nausea or gas. It also helps with your skin-care routine by controlling ailments such as rashes or eczema. Lastly, the antioxidant apigenin activates brain receptors to trigger some sleepiness.


Trying to fall asleep when you’re struggling with a wicked cold seems like an impossible task. However, peppermint oils combat most side effects that come with a nasty illness. These oils reduce muscle pains and headaches while controlling your pesky cough.


Combining bergamot oils with peppermint will kick your respiratory problems to the curb. It’s a good idea to use these two oils when cold and flu season starts working its way through the workplace. Furthermore, bergamot acts as a mood diffuser, clearing your mind from stress and anxiety to promote a healthy sleep cycle.


Last but certainly not least, ylang-ylang oil destroys bacteria, fosters relaxation, and even boosts your sexual desire. Additionally, regarding a more obscure use of the oil, ylang-ylang can also treat head lice. The scent of this tropical Asian tree gives off a fruity aroma that calms the mind, preparing your brain to rest.

If you’re struggling to get some quality shut-eye, discovering the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation may help your snoozing efforts.

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