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The Worst Things You Can Do for Your Hair
Our hair is one of our most defining features, but sadly not everyone treats it with the respect it deserves. You may not even realize that certain things you do to your hair everyday can affect its health and longevity. Hair is a surprisingly fickle part of our anatomy and it needs to be taken care of gently. If you need to add volume to your hair, there are hair transplant procedures you may loo into. In order to help you and your hair out, we’ve come up with this list of the worst things you can do for your hair.

Getting Your Hair Too Hot

It may be tempting to crank the heat all the way up on your blow dryer or hair curler so you can get whatever you’re doing done as fast as possible. However, doing this can easily cause your hair to get damaged and even burned if you’re not careful. Hair can only take so much heat before it starts to burn, so keep your tools on the lower end of the thermometer.

Rinsing with Hot Water

Everyone loves a nice hot shower, but all that hot water can have a negative effect on your skin and hair. Using hot water in the shower for your hair can actually cause it to become brittle and weak, leading to it falling out more. It’s also bad for your scalp as it strips away essential oils that keep your hair healthy. Try to use a chillier temperature of water when you wash and rinse your hair in the shower.

Using the Wrong Shampoo/Conditioner

There are plenty of products on store shelves that can do more harm to your hair than good. A lot of shampoos and conditioners have nasty chemicals in them that can dry out your hair and scalp, making your roots much weaker. Using a more natural, higher quality shampoo and conditioner will help keep your locks healthy and vibrant.

Tying It Up Too Much

If you have long hair, it’s understandable you would need to keep it out of your way during normal day to day activities. Just keep in mind that tying up your hair can pull at the roots and your scalp, so leaving your hair tied up all day can do serious damage in the long run. While you shouldn’t be afraid to tie up your hair when needed, try to keep it to a minimum to help it stay healthy.

Handling It Roughly When Wet

One of the worst things you can do for your hair is to style it roughly while it’s still wet from the shower. When you use a brush on wet hair, you encourage hair breakage and split ends because the hair is in a weaker state. Stick to using a wide-tooth comb when brushing your hair if it’s wet, as this won’t pull on the strands harshly and damage them.

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