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Tips for Preventing Nail Breakage at Work
Sometimes, working a full-time job can feel like a punishment to our nails. New manicures, bright colors, intricate nail art—all these fun and creative acts of expression can be broken or chipped at a moment’s notice during a busy business day. While these breakages may seem inevitable, the truth is there are plenty of secrets to keeping your precious nails protected and shielded from the hazards of a workday. To read more about the best tips for preventing nail breakage while at work, read our guide.

Stay Moisturized and Hydrated

One of the simplest tips for preventing nail breakage at work is to nurture your hands with ample moisture and hydration to keep your nails strong, healthy, and ready to take on your daily tasks. Applying lotion to your hands and cuticles will maintain your skin’s health, while drinking fluids will hydrate and boost keratin production in your nail beds. Creating these habits will protect your nails even in the harshest work environments and revitalize your hand health. Habitually hydrating your hands also shows you the immediate benefits of recognizing the importance of your nail health. Nurturing your nail health will help skin stay glowing and protect your manicure during your 9 to 5.

Pay Attention To Diet

It is often easier to blame work and stress when our nails break prematurely. However, our diets affect our nails in a major way. Our nails need the nutrients we digest to promote keratin health and growth. When we consume foods with fewer essential nutrients, our nails are starved and made brittle. Nails that may have once survived an entire workweek are now too weak to survive simple tasks. If your nails are prone to breaking during your workday, try making minor changes to your diet to ensure you receive the needed nutrients to help your nails grow strong.

Wear Protective Gloves

If your profession requires you to wash your hands between seeing patients or your nails come into direct contact with different products, wearing gloves could protect your nails from possible breakage. While protective gloves may seem excessive to some, they are a safe and reliant layer to protect your skin and nails from outside germs, hazards, or dehydration.

Wear Hardening Polish

A clear topcoat or hardening polish can prolong manicures and prevent chipping and breakage. These polishes coat your nail to protect them from possible external hazards that could cause them to break, chip, or peel. If you are growing your nails without nail polish, clear hardening polish can create an effective barrier to protect your nails without the polish’s bright colors. Thin layers of these polishes can go a long way to keep your nails safe during your workday.

Working with your hands is a challenging endeavor for nail polish lovers. The joy of new manicures or nail art may seem short-lived. However, working full-time does not mean your nails are doomed to break and chip. Follow these tips to protect your nails and prolong your manicures while you tackle your busiest workdays.

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