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Top Three Gemstones To Soothe Your Heart and Mind

Historically, people have attributed various health-related qualities to gemstones. Lately, the New Age tradition has taken indigenous gemstone practices to the next level. Read here if you’re interested in learning about the top three gemstones to soothe your heart and mind.

Red Carnelian

The beautiful crimson tinge of red carnelian evokes solidity and power. When you hold this gem, its red color immediately reminds you of the strength of power. Consider the historical iconography of the color red. Think of the Spartan warriors wearing red sashes in battle or kings wearing crowns encrusted with red rubies. Red is the color of strength and vitality, and these are precisely the attributes that this gemstone represents.

Red carnelian’s purpose is to remind you of those traits within yourself. Keep one of these stones in your pocket, and pull it out when you’re feeling down. Remember what the stone represents; those attributes can lend you strength in times of need.

Black Tourmaline

People often associate black tourmaline with a sense of groundedness and protection, and holding this stone can remind you to stay in those mental states. People often say that black tourmaline helps them feel safe and at home. Taking physical measures to keep yourself safe is important, but keeping a black tourmaline with you can help you feel secure in times of deep anxiety. All you have to do is remember what it represents and to allow this mind set to take over.


Amethyst has many positive spiritual qualities, making it one of the most popular gemstones. Many people admire amethyst for its spiritual potency and its ability to heighten spiritual vibration. Amethyst is an excellent addition to any altar, where you can sit and reflect on your spiritual goals. If you need a reminder to check in with yourself spiritually, keeping amethyst around is a healthy reminder that it might be time to meditate or begin other spiritual practices.

These top three gemstones to soothe your heart and mind are perfect for getting in tune with your best life. They possess qualities that reflect our most noble goals and aspirations. Their attributes remind us to be our best selves in every waking moment.

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