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Top Tips for Sleeping Soundly With a CPAP
It’s challenging to get some quality sleep when you suffer from sleep apnea, especially when you’re using a CPAP machine for the first time. A CPAP will assist your sleeping issues in the long run. However, you may feel a little irritated initially, figuring that you will not like something lying on your face when you sleep. These top tips for sleeping soundly with a CPAP will minimize those frustrations and knock you out when your head hits the pillow.

Get Used to Your Mask

When you first get your mask, it may take an adjustment period to get used to having something on your face while sleeping. Finding the proper fit and making yourself familiar with the mask won’t make it feel strange when you head to bed. An excellent way to accustom yourself to the equipment is by trying it out when relaxing in bed. Wearing it while watching television or reading will help make it not feel foreign. Lastly, if you still do not like the fit, you can purchase accessories like nasal pillows.


If you try to snooze before your body feels tired and relaxed, the CPAP machine will only make things more uncomfortable. You can try doing something relaxing or use some natural remedies, like lavender oil, to feel calm. Additionally, putting your phone away while you’re trying to wind down may help.

Create a Positive Sleeping Environment

Developing a nightly routine is an excellent way to prepare your body for sleep on a nightly basis. Your body will start signaling it’s tired around the same time every night if that’s your routine. Also, don’t sleep in an environment that’s not conducive to sleeping. Things like a comfortable mattress, special pillows, and blackout curtains make dozing off easier.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Instilling some breathing techniques is a good practice for any situation that brings some stress into your life, and it’s even more beneficial when preparing for bed. There are several ways you can practice breathing techniques; even a smartwatch can remind you now and then to set some time aside for it.

Following these top tips for sleeping soundly with a CPAP will aid you in getting accommodated with your CPAP machine. While it may be frustrating at first, those nights of waking up gasping for air will go, and you’ll be off in dreamland.

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