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Ways To Deal With Arthritis in Your Daily Routine
If you suffer from arthritis, you know that it affects everything that you do. From hobbies to the meals you cook, the chronic pain can prevent you from enjoying the things that you love. Whether the health condition is new to you or has been in your life for years, finding new methods to work with and around it can greatly improve your life. Instead of letting the pain ebb at you, use these ways to deal with arthritis in your daily routine to make each day less painful than the last.

Find Time for Simple Exercises

While arthritis may prevent you from intense exercise that stresses out your joints, you’ll greatly improve your overall strength if you perform easier exercises once a day. Consider taking a daily bike ride, going for a swim, or taking a quick walk around the neighborhood every day. Even taking time to do stretches while watching your favorite morning television shows will help to prevent your healthy joints from stiffening up. Regular workouts can also help lower or maintain your weight, which reduces the stress you put on your joints.

Use Tools That Make Your Daily Routine Easier

You’re not alone in your routine fight against arthritis—many others go through the same hardships as you every day. While this isn’t good news, it does mean that if you struggle with a specific task, others do as well and there’s most likely a tool that makes the task easier.

Don’t be afraid to use tools and helpers around the house, especially during arthritis flare ups. Buy yourself a reach extender, automatic kitchen tools, and walking aids. If you’re an active driver, you can make your commutes safer by installing car modifications that reduce the need for joint stress.

Avoid Excess Inflammatory Foods

Did you know that some foods can make your arthritis pain worse? Inflammatory foods, like sugars, fatty foods, and processed meats, can intensify your pain. Some inflammation is good—it activates our immune system and makes it stronger—but too much, especially with arthritis, only adds to the aching soreness in your joints. Stay away from foods with high sugar content, vegetable oil, and high artificial trans fats on your intense pain days!

Instead, incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into your diet, like foods with high fiber and protein. Healthy fats, like those in fish and nuts, help reduce inflammation unlike their artificial counterpart. Starting the day with a healthy bowl of whole grain cereal or toast is one of the easiest ways to deal with arthritis in your daily routine. Sweeten your whole grain bread with a healthy serving of chunky peanut butter for a filling, delicious, anti-inflammatory treat!

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