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Ways To Relieve Muscle Soreness from Exercise

Exercise is a crucial part of many people’s lives, and with that comes sore muscles. Amping up the intensity, length, or frequency of your workouts can mean a lot of hurt in the next few days. Follow along as we discuss some ways to relieve muscle soreness from exercise to help you recover.

Keep Moving

This may not be your first instinct after a challenging workout, but moving your body after exercise can help you feel better. The trick is to keep things enjoyable and gentle. A few ideas include a small swim or a leisurely bike ride.

Amp Up Hydration

Hydrating an essential part of helping your body recover. Waters helps fluids move through your system, which can eliminate inflammation, flush waste, and deliver nutrients to your muscles.

It’s also vital to hydrate while you’re working out. By the time thirst sets in, you’re already dehydrated. The color of your urine indicates hydration: pale yellow means you’re adequately hydrated, and dark to medium yellow means it’s time to drink more water.

Get a Massage

One of the most relaxing and beneficial ways to relieve muscle soreness from exercise is to get a massage from a massage therapist. Massages are excellent for boosting blood flow, increasing the range of motion in your joints, and relieving muscle tension. Not to mention, they’ll boost your mood. Aim for lighter pressure after a challenging workout rather than a deep-tissue massage. Your body needs something relaxing to recover.

You can also consider investing in handheld massage equipment. These small yet powerful devices are great for days in between manual therapy, and the offer many other fabulous benefits.

Recovery and Rest

You have to give your body ample time to recover and repair itself for the next workout. Most times, the day after the workout is the worst. As we mentioned, do a light activity to keep your body moving and to avoid strain. Take a walk around the neighborhood to elevate your heart rate. But ideally, you should take the next day off.

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