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Which Exercises Are Best for the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy
If you’ve recently learned that you’re pregnant, congratulations! The first trimester leaves women with many questions about which habits from their pre-pregnancy life they should continue with as changes occur to their bodies. If your doctor has recommended that you continue with or begin a gentle exercise regimen, knowing which exercises are best for the first trimester of pregnancy can help you keep active these next few months.

Walking, Light Jogging, and Swimming

In the first trimester, new moms don’t have to worry as much about working out around a baby belly. However, it’s still best to stick to activities that are kind to the joints and have little fall risk, like walking, jogging, and swimming. These aerobic exercises get the blood pumping and are perfect for moms-to-be who are looking to take their exercise outside. Even 30 minutes a day of light aerobic activity will strengthen heart health and improve circulation.

Low-Intensity Strength Training

Yoga and Pilates are two famous examples of great pregnancy workouts. These low-intensity forms of strength training improve flexibility and balance while also providing stress relief. Though Pilates and yoga move slowly for beginners, any advanced classes can spell trouble for pregnant women. They produce relaxin, a hormone that adapts their muscles, ligaments, and cardiovascular system to prepare for birth. Look for prenatal strength training classes that focus on safe movements for you both.

Workout Recovery

As time passes, even with regular workouts, it may become harder to keep up. Your body is working overtime during pregnancy, so prioritize allowing for recovery. Rest, hydration, and massages all do their part in helping your body recover post-workout, so don’t forget them as part of your routine.

Light and regular exercise is one of many ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Many classes solely work with pregnant women, so not only can you feel safe knowing the course supports you and your baby’s health, but you can also find community with your fellow moms. The exercises that are best for the first trimester of pregnancy are the ones that make you feel good physically and emotionally, so try out different styles and discover which activities you enjoy!

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